Waterproof Watches Sealing Gaskets

Rubber Plastic Round Flat and Micro,

for Glasses, Stems, Winder, Buttons and Back Case,


Joints O-Ring

For all replacement Rubber Seal O-Rings for water proofing your Time Pieces, Round, Standard, Flat, Snap off and Screw off for back Case covers.
Micro Seals, for Battery Hatches, Push Buttons, Plastic Seals for Time Piece Glasses and also Red Hard Seals, these come in various Sizes the most common are 17.20, 18.70, 19.70, 20.80, 21.60, 23.70, 24.90, 25.50,26.59, 27.40, 28.50, 28.75, 29.50, 30.40, 31.00, 33.40
We also provide Straps, Expanding Bands, Bracelets Alberts, Batteries, Lithium, Alkaline, Silver Oxide, for watches, Calculators, Games, Car Key Fobs, Cordless and Mobile phones.
If you have any difficulty ordering any item from this Web Site please let us know, and we will try to rectify it as soon as possible.
There are two types of seals for back cases.
Time Pieces that have round seals are found in screw off back case covers and flat seals are found in snap off back case covers.
Selecting the correct size for round seals.


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