Watch spring bars / pins, replacements,

a full range of spring bars / pins to fit all makes and models of watches,

watch straps, bracelets and expanding bands, Single Flanged, Double Flanged, Curved, Double Shoulder, Single Shoulder, Short Bead, male and Female, a variety widths from 1mm to 1.8mm and various length 5.5mm to 48mm.

Spring Bar Sizes
Mail spring bar sizes that you see on this web page are for the width size of your strap, bracelet or band so if the strap width measurement is 20mm then you will need a 20mm spring bar. You can also take the measurements between the shoulders of your watch where your strap goes this to will give you the correct size of spring bar you require for your watch the female Bars measurement is the same as the mail spring bars less the size of one of the lugs that is protruding

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